Water Bondage (Mizu Shbari)

Semenawa (Erotic Rope Torture)

Ethical non-monogamy: Open, Swinging, Poly, and more (with pixie, kitten & erin)


Badass Rope Bottoming: Skills for Getting Tied Up


The Art of the Tease - Burlesque Basics


Pressure Points & Heavy Hands

Traveling Fool/Jay

Violet Wands - Electricity? Are you crazy?

Advanced Violet Wand Techniques - Taking Electricity To Another Level


Creative & Sadistic BDSM Techniques from a Sweet & Innocent Domme

Lunatic Bound & Dysis

Bondage 101 - Bondage Fundamentals

Dynamics on the Down-low

Meditation for Bondage

Master Cecil & Darcy

When Crack Comes to Play (Master Cecil and Darcy)

Make It Sizzle: Cell Popping (Master Cecil)

Facets of Service (Master Cecil and Darcy)

Magic Hands (Darcy)

Catherine Gross

Protocol Evolution and Evaluation

Cornerstones: Beginnings, Middles and the End

Emotional Edge Play: Playing Safely with Trauma

Boi Kris & Sara

Kinky Laughter Yoga

Female Genitalia – The NOT So Secret Garden

Maintaining the Mojo – Dealing with Life’s Speed Bumps

Ralph Greco & M. Christain

Alternative Bondage: Beyond Rope And Restraints

Tit-Torture For Boobs: A Breast Play Intensive

A Beat You Can Beat To: Rhythm Play

Dan & dawn

Slutty Sex for Real Relationships

Sex Magic!

Polyamory Your Way (Dan & Dawn; Barak & Sheba)

Barak & Brat Sheba

Shiny, Sharp and Pointy!

Brat Play

Polyamory Your Way (Dan & Dawn; Barak & Sheba)


Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice

Rope: Control & Dominance Moves

How to Create Amazing Scenes: Get in to Their Heads

Mollena Williams

Playing with Strangers: How to Get It On at a Con!

From The Slave’s Mouth: Dominance from the Flipside

Selfcare & Aftercare: Who Needs ‘Em?

Mistress Silver

The Dominant Dialog takes a field trip

Evil Laugh Guy

Switch’s Symposium


What To Expect When You Are Expecting, A Guide to a Great Weekend!

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