Boi Kris & Sara

Boi Kris is a charismatic Leatherdyke with a passion for education and clear communication, enhanced by a quick wit and engaging sense of humour.  From the Leather bars of the early 90’s to a year serving as half of International Power Exchange 2012 to his current roles as husboi and kayaking enthusiast, Kris has an indomitable zest for life that comes through in everything he does, including countless workshops, classes and fundraisers serving the community from coast to coast.  Kris can be found with a microphone in hand judging Leather contests or MC’ing for fundraisers and charity events.

Sarah, aka “the garden gnome” or “Kris’ glitterdyke Wife”, brings her unique sense of humour and decades of experience in very different avenues of personal development, with strong roots in the Gorean community and over a decade of active community involvement in multiple states.  She’s fascinated by the “why” of WIITWD, and loves to meet new people and learn what motivates them.

Kris and Sarah are married and currently reside in Indiana, but regularly travel throughout the Midwest (and beyond) to share their experiences (and a LOT of laughter) with groups far and wide.

Kris produced the successful “High Shine Indianapolis” fundraiser to support a documentary about women bootblacks.  Together they’ve also produced several successful and innovative events, including the Body Spirit Mind weekend, and Trick Her Treat fundraisers, and are known for unique and fun-filled classes and mixers like Kinky Laughter Yoga, and Poly- and Kink-Athalons.  They also are both staff for the popular Power eXchange Summit and Beyond The Love events.  In their free time, you might also find them floating down a lazy river somewhere, coming up with the next fabulous class idea, coming to an event near you.


Kinky Laughter Yoga

Don’t let the name fool you – Kinky Laughter Yoga is like no yoga class you’ve ever seen! Boi Kris, a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader ( has created his own twisted, kinky version of this world-renowned health and fitness craze that will leave you recharged, revitalized and ready to play!

 We all know laughter is the best medicine, and if you’re looking for a workshop that really gets people excited, you’ll love Kinky Laughter Yoga. Combining classic breathing techniques (and a little heavy breathing, too!) with kinky, silly, and downright hilarious exercises, Boi Kris will keep the energy going up, up, up!! There are no “poses” in the traditional yoga sense, and everyone can participate, regardless of body type or physical ability. Laughter Yoga, a practice that combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing, or “pranayama”, has been featured in media coverage all over the world, including the Oprah Winfrey Show, BBC, CNN, and ABC News. Be advised – you’ll want to leave your dignity at the door! Don’t worry, it will be there for you to collect on your way out!

Female Genitalia – The NOT So Secret Garden

Pink parts. Lady bits.  Snatch. Junk.  Vajayjay. Pussy. Honeypot. We have hundreds of words to describe female genitalia, and yet many of us have almost no idea how this often-misunderstood garden of delight works, and whether you’re a beginner or bona fide pervert, we all love learning new ways to make her sing (or scream!) in pleasure! (Bonus points if you bring your favourite tip to share with the group!)

Indiana University recently said only 26% of women have taken a close look at their genitalia.  Women who are comfortable in *ahem* their own skin are significantly more likely to orgasm AND to experiment in bed, and who doesn’t want to know how to make THAT happen??

We’ll begin by introducing the whole cast of characters, from the well-known (if little-understood) clit and vulva to the lesser-known network of supporting cast members working behind the scenes to make the genitalia a hotbed of passionate possibility. Next, we’ll look at techniques built on awareness of women’s physiology, and talk about WHY it feels good, and how to make it even better!  Finally, we’ll talk ACCESSORIES!  While not strictly necessary, there are almost limitless options that you can introduce for a whole new avenue of fabulous fantasy or full-on freaky fun!

Join Boi Kris, playful and enthusiastic Leatherdyke with decades of experience, and his wife Sarah (beneficiary of that experience!) as we explore the ins and outs of Female Genitalia.

Maintaining the Mojo – Dealing with Life’s Speed Bumps

There you are, humming along in your relationship and everything seems wonderful… when WHOMP!!! Life strikes with a low blow! Maybe it’s the loss of a job, or a sudden severe health issue, or children (or your mother in law!!) moving back home… Maybe there’s some kind of breach of trust, or perhaps one of you is questioning your role in your dynamic (however you define that), or life in general. There are any number of life-changing situations that make it difficult, if not impossible, for relationships to thrive (at least for the foreseeable future, or in the ways you’ve come to know and love). Now what?! When your world goes into a tailspin, it can be difficult to maintain the type of relationship you want (or need).

Life’s speed bumps don’t have to be relationship death blows, and it may (just may…) be possible to rebuild that broken trust, after all. Boi Kris will first break relationships into their fundamental parts. Next, you’ll learn ways to “FireProof” your relationship, with tips and tricks for maintaining and bolstering your relationship dynamic when life turns inside out and your roles become ambiguous. He’ll also discuss guidelines for determining how, and if, you can move past whatever struggles you’re facing. Have a specific relationship issue for which you’d like suggestions? You’ll find a safe space in the Small Group portion of this class to do just that in a confidential manner (not even the other attendees will know!).