Dr. von Hertz

Dr. Von Hertz, of Denver, Colorado. Mad scientist, romantic sadist and sensation player. Glass artist, experimental edge player and safety enthusiast.

Passionate about all things violet wand.  Has been an avid violet wand, estim and kinky gadget enthusiast since 2008.  Has been making violet wand electrodes and other products using his glass blowing skills, 3d printing skills and a whole lot of ingenuity since 2014. Developed a technique for laser scarification and has done the math on the energy used in branding .

Compulsive seeker of scientific truths using calculations, models and empirical data.  Does not play near the edge unless he knows where it is and can determine the precautions needed.  Then he adds another layer of safety.

Over 30 years experience in electrical embedded system engineering for products from the early credit card terminals to avalanche rescue beacons.

“Electrical play is Edge Play. Correct information leads to correct evaluation of risk.”

Dr vonHertz

Laser Scarification

Branding with a High Power Laser (sizzling flesh). Laser Scarification is intimate and painful. Laser Scarification is a cross between a strike brand and a violet wand brand although considerably more painful than a violet wand brand. This is a new form of scarification that I developed and mastered over the past 5 years.
The class includes extensive discussion of safety issues with a focused beam Class 4 laser. Includes a demo with some unfeeling chunks of bologna before moving on to a live human bottom with the smell of burning flesh. Class participants get to eat the bologna. Eating the demo bottom is negotiable.

Violet Wands for Techies

Why play with wands
– Sensory play
– Intimate
– High tech / sapiosexual
– Overcome fear
– Increased blood flow and sensitivity
– Marks – incidental and branding

Types of play:
direct, external, internal, Indirect, induction, branding*
· Including a comparison to other branding techniques

Types of wands
Electrodes and accessories
Glass electrodes: antique, Chinese, New borosilicate
Other innovations
Metal electrodes

Inside the wand and repair
Measuring wands
The importance of a spark gap
False sense of security with a GFCI