Evil Laugh Guy & Joyous Purple

Evil Laugh Guy is a devoted husband, feminist ally, philosopher, roleplaying gamer, and kinkster, who dived into the kink community head-first in 2011. At the invitation of the Washington University Alternative Lifestyles Association he has presented on negotiation and, along with his spouse Laughter’s Bride, on power dynamics in play. He moderates the Switch’s Symposium, a monthly discussion group held at Shameless Grounds.

Joyous Purple, “Joy”, is a Switch whose primary interests are Rope, Rough Body Play, and Hair Play; she also enjoys zappy things. Joy attended her first munch in 2014, and quickly made a place for herself as an attendee of local munches, play parties, and classes. Her main play partner and cohort is Evil Laugh Guy, with whom she Switches and occasionally supports when he presents. Joy is also proud to co-host Kolor Me Kinky, a monthly munch for kinky people who like to color.

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Hair Play

Sensual, sexy, playful, or aggressive, hair play connects two partners together and allows the top to easily communicate their intentionality to the bottom.  Whether your play style tends towards sensual or painful, hair play can be an awesome addition to your repertoire.  In this class, we will be discussing hair play for various hair types and lengths, tools that might be useful, and basic hair care considerations.  You are encouraged to bring a partner and a hair brush.