A professional Burlesque performer and fetish model, kitten graces stages across the US performing under the name Bitsy Bittersweet and charming audiences with her “sweet, but naughty” nature and disarming smile. Known as a feature performer in the New Orleans Burlesque Festival, Colorado Burlesque Festival, Kansas City Burlesque Festival, and Show-Me Burlesque Festival in Saint Louis, kitten is a founding member of the Saint Louis-based Bon-Bons Burlesque Revue and Beggar’s Carnivale. When not performing, kitten makes her home in Saint Louis and the Saint Louis BDSM community with her husband/Master T0ne and their life partners, leafwhistle and pixie. An unabashed flirt and exhibitionist, kitten also engages in D/s and M/s studies and relationships, polyamory, Shibari/Kinbaku, sensuality, and service-oriented submission. In addition, she considers herself a professional child-wrangler and an amateur costumer, gardener, chef, and sassy-pants.


The Language of Rope - Communication in a Rope Scene

You’ve been bitten by the rope bug and now you’re looking to maximize your rope experience. How do you give your best scene interaction? What can you do to prolong your scenes? How *exactly* can you give feedback to your scene partner(s) without derailing the scene in progress? In this session, we will develop pre-scene and in-scene communication skills.
Using partner-feedback exercises and role-play, we will dive into active physical participation, non-verbal communication, mindfulness, communication tips and tricks, and giving good feedback. We will also have a short section on physical warmups to loosen stiff joints and muscles. This session is valuable to both tops and bottoms!
Participants Should Bring:
1-2 pieces of rope if you have it.