Far from your typical midwestern girl, erin (leafwhistle) is a kinky, queer, polyamorous, submissive, masochistic atheist. When she isn’t pushing drugs as a Pharmacy Technician, she is a musician, aerialist, and fitness-ethusiast with a degree in sociology and anthropology. She shares a home with her three partners, three kids, and one cat. Almost as well-known for her expertise in queer-feminist issues and sex toys as she is for her striking red hair and freckles, leafwhistle is an engaging presenter. Just try not to fall in love with her.
A regular in the midwest bondage community, leafwhistle is an established fetish model, bondage performer, and all-around exhibitionist.

Already in Progress - Adding to an established relationship

So you want to try ethical non-monogamy by adding to an existing relationship. Maybe you’ve thought about it for a long time or maybe you met exactly the right person(/people) to make you reconsider giving it a try. How do you get started? What conversations do you need to have? How do you know make sure everyone is on the same page?
We will discuss realistic expectations, communication techniques, and ways to manage time and other resources.

Queer Caucus Roundtable (leafwhistle & He11oSweetie)

Level: Any
Format: Roundtable discussion
Presenter: leafwhistle & He11oSweetie
A facilitated discussion about being queer in the kink scene. Conversation will be focused on unique issues related to being both queer and kinky as well as the event.
Facility Notes: Although this group follows the same model as the Dominant Dialogue, Switches Symposium, and Submission Forum, we feel that it is very important that, if selected, it not be in the same time slot. This is a very different axis and it seems unnecessary to make people choose if they are feeling queer or dominant/submissive/switch-y.