Lunatic Bound & Dysis

Lunatic Bound and Dysis make a quiet an interesting pair. One is generally quiet and often somber the other bounces from place to place filling the room with giggles. They have been playing, tying, and teaching together for more than four years. Lunatic has been in the lifestyle and practicing bondage for more than ten years. His personal style with rope is eastern inspired but a torturous mash of eastern, western, and stuff he learned in the boyscouts. Together their style is rough, violent and often hilarious.

Together they have taught all over Florida and beyond. Lunatic is the co-founder of the Kyoujin Baku Dojo in Orlando and a co-organizer of FIRE. They have presented for several groups including: FIRE, Bondage Expo Dallas, Orlando Munch, Orlando TNG, Florida BASH, Fetcon, Orlando Portal, MRE, Gainesville Rope Mash, KAMP, Start Here, Madtown Kink Fest and numerous intensives and private lessons.


Bondage 101 - Bondage Fundamentals

This beginner’s tie along is a basic introduction to bondage, safety and practices. We are going to work on some simple ties that are geared toward tying simply yet effectively. This class is geared around the nuts and bolts of what I consider to be fundamental skills.

  • Prerequisite Knowledge: I recommend people know how to tie their shoes
  • You will need 1-2 ropes for this class and natural fibers (hemp/jute) are recommended but not required.

Dynamics on the Down-low

This intermediate class is all about floor work and how to tie a bottom dynamically without ever leaving the earth. We will use all four of our hands to move our bottoms, shift their weight and take them from standing to trussed up.

  • Prerequisite Knowledge: Solid fundamentals: single column tie, hojo cuff, frictions.
  • You will need 4-6 ropes for this class and natural fibers (hemp/jute) are recommended.

Meditation for Bondage

This is a basic over view of some very simple meditation techniques and how they can be applied to change the way your rope feels from start to finish. In this class we’re going to focus on the top and on the bottom and the mental states that people approach rope from. We’re also going to work on some simple meditation techniques to improve our own self control influence the way our scenes feel.

  • Prerequisite Knowledge: Can you tie your shoes?
  • I recommend 1-3 ropes for this class but you can learn these techniques without rope.
  • A bottom that doesn’t mind forming a connection with you.