MaryAnnTES is a dominant female living in the New York City area. She’s intelligent and well-educated and has a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. She has a tremendous heart which she wears on her sleeve.

On her vanilla side she has a wide range of interests which include museums, art galleries, Broadway shows, jazz, Shakespeare, Poe, traveling, wine, comedy, friends and family. On the kinky side, she’s an absolute top. She particularly enjoys spanking, flogging, caning, clothes pins, the violet wand, and mind fucks. But it is the psychological interplay that flows between the participants of a scene that is her main kink.

MaryAnnTES is a former Secretary and Board Member of TES (The Eulenspiegel Society). She has been out in the open scene for greater than twenty years. She has taught her special kind of kink both internationally and nationally for both large weekend events and smaller local groups.


Creative & Sadistic BDSM Techniques from a Sweet & Innocent Domme

Tin Foil, lemon juice, dental floss, sand paper, emery boards, etc.  All common place items that are usually found in anyone’s house, are easy to travel with, and any convenience store generally stocks them…readily accessible for BDSM on the fly.  Mary Ann will engage the class in discussion of creative and sadistic BDSM techniques using common place and pervertible items.  The class will focus on having a “healthy and clean” submissive, with techniques such as exfoliation of the skin using sand paper or emery boards, followed by the use of alcohol to prevent infection, just to name one.  Class participants are encouraged to bring their own pervertibles and be prepared to share their stories