Master Malik & slave Cathy

As a student of life, Leather and BDSM, Master Malik is always eager to share his views, thoughts and ideas with any willing people who give him some of their time to listen.

Significant similarities between Leather and Sufism have helped Master Malik to continue his journey on the path of mastery and slavery with his precious slave Cathy.

Slave Cathy is very active in the alternative lifestyle community, having a leadership roles in local leather clubs and organizations. She is member of T.U.L.S.A. (a local Leather club).

She was Ms. Great Plains Olympus Leather 2006. Southwest slave 2008 and South Centeral Leather Woman 2010.

Her passion lies in mentoring and educating the ones who seek the knowledge in alternative lifestyle, especially Master/slave relationship.

Master Malik and slave Cathy are avid practitioner of old fashion SM and strongly believes in a powerful connection between SM and spiritual realm. They strongly believe with passion about “Acceptance”, “Tolerance” and “Diversity” of our larger tribe.

Master Malik is proud to serve as Southwest Master 2008. He is member of T.U.L.S.A., founder of MaST-Tulsa. He is also an associate member of Chicago Hellfire Club

They are proud to have the privilege of presenting at several local, regional and national events and gatherings.

Master Malik and slave Cathy were co founder of Xpressions (a play space in Tulsa, OK). They are owner/producers of Oklahoma Leatherfest. And also producers of Hearland Person of Leather Regional Contest.

Blood Ritual/Cutting

Blood letting rituals have been a part of the human experience since the beginning.   The sacred and vital substance of blood has been used in purification rituals, to show a sign of obedience, offer the gift of surrender, empower sacred objects, and seal the precious bond between lovers, family and friends in various cultures. The focus of this class is on the powerful and sensual properties of blood and spiritual and ritual cutting. We will discuss its allure and magnetism as well as the emotional and spiritual impact it has in a S&M session. The eroticism of the act of cutting is a very potent aphrodisiac and has a powerful affect on the psyche of those involved in blood play. We will discuss necessary safety precautions and the appropriate equipment to use during blood rituals/play as well as offer suggestions on how to create an atmosphere conducive to such a session.

We shall also share our views and experiences about the power this kind of energy exchange which is at the apex of body, mind and soul. Please be advised that this is an advanced class recommended for people who understand the idea of safe, sane, and consensual or risk aware consensual kink; for those who desire and love playing on the edge.

Erotic Single Tail!

The erotic use of any toy in our play is something we all desire because of the very nature of who we are. This class will explore from light to heavy sensation, eroticism, and emotions of this SM play.

This class will cover the unique aspects of eroticism only a single tail can produce. Don’t be fooled that this is only a class for Dominants who want to learn about whip play…IT IS NOT! Understanding the dynamics of whip play allows both partners to achieve what they want from S M play.

Open Secrets of Long Term Relationships

There are a great numbers of master/slave relationships which are less than a year old. Then the numbers starts declining with the passage of time….5 years? 10 years? 15 years? and beyond?

We have been in our Master/slave dynamics for 15 years now. Was it easy? HAHA!

Did I catch her before she tried to run off the door….naked? YES!

Did she bodily stopped me before I even got dressed? Hell YES!

Through heated discussions, even arguments (we are human first…. and yes…master and slaves do argue…just in a different tone), cries, anger and so many emotional roller coasters….we thrive and stay vibrant.

Have you ever stretched the rubber band to its limit before just breaking? Try that in real life dynamics and see what happens.

We have done it.


That is what we would like to share.

And it is so simple. (and yet so complicated!!)