Midori is a renowned educator and writer on sexuality. Dubbed “the super nova of kink” by Dan Savage, she emerged from the Sex Positive Movement in San Francisco and is now a much sought after international presenter on sexuality, personal fulfillment and kinky adventures.

An authority and leading expert on alternative pleasures, she has a unique and entertaining process of teaching concrete skills. She has a delightful ability to deconstruct and distill complex matters of desire into surprisingly accessible lessons with eloquence and humanity. She’s known for tackling challenging topics with fresh and relevant insights. She calls this her “head-heart-hands” method to create a space where people are allowed individual self-exploration. Fundamentally she is motivated by helping people to create authentic and intimate relationships while emphasizing self actualization, shame reduction, acceptance and justice.

Her writing is extensive, ranging from numerous articles, columns, works of fiction, to instructional books. She is the author of The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage, Wild Side Sex, and Master Han’s Daughter.

She leads erotically practical and personally transformative small group intensives, including Rope Dojo ®, ForteFemme: Women’s Dominance Weekend Intensive and Make Hot Play Happen ~ while still making time for personal coaching those who want to lifelong liberation of joy and confidence.

When she’s not traveling and teaching, she’s creating provocative and curious art and performances as a social practice artist.


Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice

Arouse, seduce and thrill your lover with your voice!  Incorporate seductive voice techniques to heat up the bedroom.  Practice effective voice techniques.  Be spellbinding! In this workshop, you’ll discover how to uncover fantasies and discover your uniquely sexy voice. Become an artist of seduction and pleasure, like the great courtesans and legendary lovers of the past. Their erotic voice and sensual story telling were among their most potent skills.
  • Learn how to use the hypnotic voice to seduce and arouse your lover long before you enter the bedroom.
  • Gain effective and surprisingly simple voice techniques to arouse both your lover and yourself
  • Mesmerize your lover and transport both of you to an erotic landscape.
  • Learn to build and enrich a powerful fantasy, practice effective voice techniques and spellbinding.
  • You’ll learn techniques of finding out yours and your lovers fantasy.
  • Practice sensual story telling skills and improve them with Midori’s effective technique.
Spicy demos, practical exercises, tips.
Delightful class for couples and singles.
No experience necessary.
For lovers of all genders and orientations
* The demos and exercises may put you into quite the headspace if you’re susceptible. If you like this, great. If you don’t like this, please enjoy other amazing class

Rope: Control & Dominance Moves

Learn effective rope moves to enhance your play.  Whatever style of bondage or rope play you enjoy, these skills will boost the emotional and psychological intensity. In this hands-on class you’ll practice safe moves that are body-smart for the top side and bottom sides.  Whether you enjoy Kinbaku, Shibari, Westen, Predicament, Damsel in Distress, Take-downs or Confrontational play, these techniques will integrate well into your fun!

No experience necessary. 
Bring:  Two or three length of rope that you usually play with. If you’re not sure, bring two or three lengths of 20 to 30 feet of ropes. Some practice ropes will be available to borrow. 
Wear:  Comfortable clothing.
Pair attendance is encouraged, but solos are welcome as well. If you come solo, you’ll be paired with other solos for practice.

How to Create Amazing Scenes: Get in to Their Heads

Want to create mind-blowing scenes that leave you and your partner in a state of bliss and pleasure?
Do you want to feel confident in knowing what to do next in a scene?
Feeling like you might be missing the mark on full satisfaction with your play?
Come to this class to find out what’s between the lines and under the skin, the anatomy of a truly hot experience. There’s so much more to amazing scenes than just knowing how to use the tools. Whether you are a seasoned top, experienced bottom, novice to topping or new to bottoming, this class will share with you what you can do before the scene to maximize scene success and increase confidence.
Learn about the 5 essential questions the top should ask the bottom. Find out the 5 questions the bottoms should ask the top to prepare for a great scene.
For all levels of experience, orientation, gender and relationship status.
Bring note taking material and your questions!