Miss Studd

Miss Studd earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Pre-Clinical Psychology and is completing a Master of Arts degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. She has been focusing her education on gender and human sexuality and has been chosen to present at two educational conferences on B.D.S.M. and Polyamory. In addition, she is a mental health educator.  Miss Studd has been practicing polyamory since she was fifteen years of age,  and has participated in the BDSM community for the past six years, as well as the erotic hypnosis community for about four years.


Mental Health, Kinky Fuckers, and Loving Sluts

A round table discussion to talk about mental health, how it affects different dynamics, and how to be aware and supportive.

The community is filled with wonderful and diverse people. At some point, you will meet individuals struggling with typical life situations or who have been diagnosed with a mental illness. You might even be someone with a mental disorder struggling with playing in the community and communicating your needs to others, or you know that your aftercare needs must be very specific to eliminate being triggered. Maybe you or your partner love someone who is currently struggling. Whichever the case, let’s talk about what has worked for you.

We will be talking about terms and definitions, diagnosis, signs and symptoms, how they affect play and relationship dynamics, and how to best support the ones we care about.