Long time presenter, activist, leader, and practitioner, Pairadox delights in educating others in aspects of this incredible BDSM lifestyle. He loves Fire, Humor, Activism, Whips, Chemicals, Electricity, and helping people! Pairadox has been hip deep in this stuff since the beginning of the current Mayan cycle, including several national positions and was NCSF Volunteer of the Year in 2008 (Go ahead – try to get the details out of him – I suggest plying him with Scotch…). He has served on the boards of local bdsm groups such as Riverbound and STL3, and volunteered with various other aspects of the lifestyle. Pairadox works as Senior Caretaker for FetLife.

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Pressure Points & Heavy Hands

Throughout human history, people have learned about the human body. The concept of “pressure points”, specific places on the body that react in different ways when pressure is applied, has been used in fields ranging from acupuncture and related medical techniques to the martial arts. This workshop will cover some of the specific pressure points that work well in a bdsm setting, safety factors to consider in using pressure points, and other areas where you can learn more about pressure points to incorporate more about this fascinating technique into your play.