Long time presenter, activist, leader, and practitioner, Pairadox delights in educating others in aspects of this incredible BDSM lifestyle. He loves Fire, Humor, Activism, Whips, Chemicals, Electricity, and helping people! Pairadox has been hip deep in this stuff since the beginning of the current Mayan cycle, including several national positions and was NCSF Volunteer of the Year in 2008 (Go ahead – try to get the details out of him – I suggest plying him with Scotch…). He serves on the STL3 board. Pairadox works as Senior Caretaker for FetLife.


Making Dragon's Tails

Perving through VanillaLand: Inexpensive Pervertables

Your mind is racing from all the classes and play you’ve seen. Your wallet only has moths flying out of it after getting that incredible flogger or corset in the vendor area. How do you fill out your toybag to do the things you’re wanting to do? Pervertibles are the answer!

Pairadox & his pair of doxies will lead you through what you can find at local stores for you to pervert into a respectable arsenal – implements of ass destruction, clamps that leave a last impression, sensations galore, and more. Schnucks, Home Depot, and Rural King will never look the same way to you again…