PantherProwLs & Embers

PantherProwLs and Embers (aka PanthersPrey) are a 24/7 M/s poly/open couple living in the San Francisco Bay area. Together since 2001, they have been active playing, Dungeon Monitoring, volunteering, and teaching for groups and events including Society of Janus, SMOdyssey, Threshold (LA), Dungeon Monitors Association, SFCitadel, Lair de Sade, Black Rose, LLC, NLA-OKC’s Tribal Fire, PLA’s KinkFest, DomConLA, TESFest, NWLC, StL3’s Spanksgiving, Beyond Vanilla and Leather & Leis among others, on a variety of S&M skillsets and Ds/Ms topics.

They also make leather products for the BDSM community, which they market through His company, PantherProwLs Enterprises.


Double Your Pleasure, Double Their Pain

This workshop presents techniques for developing two-handed techniques for a variety of forms of play. Learning how to use both hands in S&M play is essential for those looking to improve their skills. It is the key to learning advanced caning, flogging and whipping techniques as well as offering the Top more choices in confined spaces. Basic techniques will be discussed and demonstrated including “following” and “mirroring”. Tips for continuing to develop bilateral skills will be offered as well as how to find various ways of trying techniques and toys not used or discussed.

Skin2Skin & Paw2Paw

This class presents a variety of techniques for bare-handed S&M play, ranging from soft and sensual to very sadistic. Pinching, Clawing/raking, Striking, Kicking, Slapping and other empty-handed techniques will be demonstrated and discussed. Wrestling and other various takedown techniques “may” be included. Safety issues, both physical and psychological will be examined and promoted.

“Chomp!!!” – The Art of the Bite

Grrrrrrrrrr…. There’s nothing like the eroticism and sadism of a good bite. This class covers the essentials of biting, both erotic and sadistic. Safety and health issues are emphasized. Anatomy and physiology are discussed. The use of a prosthesis is demonstrated. Various biting techniques will be demonstrated. Also, there will be discussion on the various reasons for biting, including vampiric, animal, etc.