A blonde bombshell with a smile that can melt your heart and a style that puts you at ease, pixie will make you reconsider any residual dumb-blonde stereotypes. An academic at heart, she always enjoys learning more about BDSM, shibari, M/s and O/p relationships, and polyamory. Flying through the air in rope is pixie’s favorite expression of submission and love for her partners. Tying others is her favorite way to make deep connections and spread her love of rope. She is a regular at kink events across the Midwest and is based in Saint Louis, Missouri with her Master and Owner, T0ne, and their partners kitten and leafwhistle. pixie runs Rope Social Lafayette in Indiana, teaches at Rope School School Saint Louis, and helps run Tangled, our rope-centric play party.   pixie is regularly involved in hosting and teaching at Rope School Saint Louis. She is a popular fetish model who enjoys both tying and being tied.


Badass Rope Bottoming: Skills for Getting Tied Up

Do you love getting tied up, being restrained, and feeling the smooth caress of rope across your skin? Bottoming for rope can be an incredible experience. And by learning a few techniques it become safer, smoother, longer, and, overall, better for both you and your Top. Learn tips and tricks for communication, breathing, pain management, safety, and more in this interactive class. Tops are welcome to attend, but please note that this class is focused on bottoms.

This is a participatory session. Come to tie and/or be tied!
Participants will learn: Skills to improve and prolong rope scenes and to create a more successful experience.
Participants should bring:  Rope. (Any type will do),  A blanket or floor mat.

Level: Introductory to Intermediate
Format: Hands-on participation