Pyro Sadist (Brian)

Brian AKA Pyro Sadist has been in the scene for almost two decades. His leather family consists of himself, dottie, his femsubs caroline & sammi, his boy rain, Monika, Horns, Tia, Amylynne, NyghtOwl & JD…along with some nieces & nephews along the way. Together with dottie Brian founded The Gate one of the of largest munch groups in the Philadelphia area which is still going strong and then started a second chapter of The Gate in Massachusetts. Brian has traveled as far north as ME as far south as VA and as far west as California to play and teach. He has given instruction in Fireplay, Needleplay, and Singletails at various venues to include The Space, the play space of The Society ( Behind The Scenes, The Black Phoenix, Leather Retreat, Dark Odyssey Winter/Spring Fire, Dark Odyssey Summer Camp and Camp Crucible to name a handful.

Dancing with Flame - Fireplay

Fireplay is definitely edge play, for anything with fire is implicitly dangerous. But I have found that fireplay has a sensual eroticism and art to it that so many can relate to. Who among us hasn’t sat transfixed gazing into a fires light. And to feel and witness that same sensual flow of warm flame across our bodies, lapping over, then passing and leaving only a warm lingering touch. No experience is necessary for this class, some practice materials will be available for use. Both technique, safety, and sensual/art/erotic applications will be gone over in this class. Even if you might not think it’s quite your thing, you might be surprised by the sensual beauty and artistry of the flame.

Suck You - Introduction to Fire Cupping

What is fire cupping? It’s actually an ancient oriental healing method that some have perverted for fun (I know, you’re shocked!) The sensations can vary depending on the person and the placement of the cups. I will go over and demonstrate most of the techniques of cupping as well as placement of the cups. A warning to those who want to try the cups; I can ALMOST promise you that you will have marks that will last between several hours to several days (and in some cases, several weeks).

Fire Flogging

What the hell was that?!? A common question when the fire floggers come out to play. What is fire flogging? It is quite simply the most flashy thing allowed in most dungeons….and frequently not allowed. It is taking specially made floggers, dunking them unto a fuel mixture, lighting them on fire and using them like a regular flogger….I can assure you there is NOTHING regular about this!!