T0ne: Long-time St. Louisian, T0ne is a nationally-known Shibari rigger and experienced instructor. He is a veteran of the BDSM community with roots deeply set in D/s and especially M/s relationship dynamics. Practiced in the art of Shibari, T0ne is an expert rigger who also enjoys blade-play, take-downs, edge-play, and a good mindfuck. He is also an entrepreneur, devoted father, hacker, skeptic, and atheist.

T0ne is a popular instructor at events and locations around the country. He brings humor, enthusiasm, and a relaxed teaching style to his classes. With a decade of rope bondage behind him and thousands of suspensions performed, he has experience and knowledge to share with rope enthusiasts of all sorts.

T0ne makes his home in Saint Louis with his lovely slaves and partners: kitten, leafwhistle, and pixie.


Water Bondage (Mizu Shbari)

Water is a primal force of nature. It demands our respect. It haunts our psyche. It evokes our fundamental fear of helplessness and of What Lurks Below. Combining the physical and emotional helplessness of rope bondage with the primal aspect of water is a match made in… well, definitely not Heaven.
In this fun and nerve-wracking workshop, experienced rigger and former Water Safety Instructor, T0ne along with pixie, kitten, and erin, will demonstrate techniques to safely incorporate rope bondage with an aquatic environment.
Learn how different rope materials behave in water – and how to use that to your advantage. Learn how to create truly frightening predicaments. Part demonstration, part interactive workshop, come prepared to tie or be tied and to get wet! This class is not for the faint of heart!

Participants should bring:  Please feel free to bring rope, pool ‘noodles’, and a can-do attitude. All are welcome to observe.
Level:  Any
Format: Demonstration and Hands-On Participation

Semenawa (Erotic Rope Torture)

Rope is often seen as beautiful, but it can also be brutal. Learn techniques for combining both. This class is geared toward tops who love to inflict pain and bottoms who love to receive it. This is not a class on tying someone up for impact play, but rather using the rope as the implement of pain.
This class is for intermediate to advanced practitioners of rope bondage who already have a familiarity with basic ties and safety.  This is a participatory session. Come to tie and/or be tied!

Participants will learn: How to use tension, leverage, and positioning to create exquisite pain for their bottoms.
Participants should bring: Rope (Any type will do),  A blanket or floor mat.
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Format: Hands-on participation
Presenter: T0ne and pixie

Ethical non-monogamy: Open, Swinging, Poly, and more (with pixie, kitten & erin)

Whether you are a poly veteran or curious newbie, an old-school swinger or just getting up your nerve, you will learn valuable insight from this discussion. Learn the terms, the tips, the techniques to craft your own ethically non-monogamous relationship. Bring the questions that you have always wanted to ask!

Join this roundtable-style open discussion to share your own thoughts and experiences and learn from others. The discussion facilitators are a successful and happy kinky poly quad from the Saint Louis kink community: T0ne, kitten, pixie, and leafwhistle.

Level: Any
Format: Group Discussion
Presenter: T0ne (with kitten, pixie, and leafwhistle)