TouchDeep & HeartBound

TouchDeep and HeartBound are lifetime-committed polyamorous partners, passionate about sensual touch, creating deep human connection, and exploring the sacred sexual completeness of the body/mind/spirit relationship. Seasoned professional presenters, they draw from their decades in the rich kink, sacred sexuality, swinging, and polyamorous communities in Washington/Baltimore to teach from the heart of their experience. They lead practical,“try-it-now” kink programs that are full-immersion, dynamic, hands-on, energetic experiences. All are hot, fun, and intense.
TouchDeep and HeartBound have brought their unique style of presenting to events that include Dark Odyssey’s Winter Fire, Fusion, Summer Camp and SummerFest; The Floating World; Brimstone; THE Beltane; The Geeky Kink Event; and KinkyCon.

Deepening Your Domination

This workshop is for those identifying as dominants or exploring domination who want to fully discover and own their authentic dominant self in its greatest depth and strength, and have richer and more fulfilling experiences with submissives. Connect with your most natural dominance, separate authentic domination from role play, and integrate your complete sexual self into your D/s. We will lead you through a series of interactive experiences to explore and affirm who you are as a dominant. No partner required to attend.

Deepening Your Submission

This is an advanced-level workshop for submissives who want to go deeper into fulfilling their needs and desires. This workshop is for you if you want to ramp-up the intensity, activities, and time commitment that reaching further into one’s submissive self involves. Our emphasis, as always, is about self discovery and human connection and exploring the completeness of the body/mind/spirit relationship. We focus more on being than technique. No partner required to attend.

Sensual Sadistic Massage Intensive

Love pain and pleasure wrapped together? So do we! This is an intensive, highly participatory workshop, including techniques, expert demonstrations, and lots of hands-on practice. We integrate sensual and sadistic massage to create an exquisite, exceptionally hot experience that will take your partner’s breath away! Partners may each give and receive or may just give or receive, your choice, with step-by-step instructions and personal coaching. This is the perfect workshop for sadists who want to learn new skills to bring something special to their masochists and for submissives who want to give their dominants the hottest massage ever!

Come with a partner or find one at the workshop.